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Library of Hawler-Zaytun


We visited a public library recently with Mrs. Hatice Senyurt   and Mrs.Rojan   .       Publich library of Hawler-Zaytoon this library is belong of ministry of culture and youth Kurdistan regional goverment, placed in same Abdurrahman park on main road Hawler Musll in the year 1943 established, then moved to new building in 22th October 2008 in the inside of park Sami Abdurrahman.       It was housed in a great building, in a large and well-appointed room. It was run by friendly Council staff.We are to thank you for Miss. Naz Falakadin Kakaie      The moment, I stepped inside the library, I [...]

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Student’s trip to Erbil International Fair


On the 6 of March, 2016 third year students in business department visited international book fair in erbil, everyone enjoyed their time there and bought many various book. this kind of trips are important for the students for encouraging them to read more and to progress their knowledge in every different part in life, students were companioned by two of our lecturers.

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A visit to historical Citadel of Erbil City


On the 31 of March, 2016 fourth year students of the faculty of science and economics, business department visited the historical castle of Erbil and the public bazar. The Citadel town of Erbil lies in the middle of the greater city of Erbil, the Capital City of the Kurdish Regional Government in Iraq, The overall form of the citadel town is circular, and it rises some 30 meters above the ground level of the lower city. First we started our excursion by going there with a bus and then going up in walking all students with the lecturers and [...]

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