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Our Faculty Organized a Welcoming Seminar for Prospective Students of FASE


Faculty of Administrative Sciences and Economics organized welcoming seminar for prospective students. Distinguished speakers, Mr. Krishna Navulur, Head of Accounting Department, Mr. Karwan Sherwani, Head of Business and Management Department, Mr. Ibrahim Anli, Head of International Relations & Diplomacy Department, Mr. Osman Sahin, Head of Social Activities Department addressed prospective students and furnished information on importance of each department, and Mr. Fayeq Ali moderated the seminar. During the seminar, Faculty students of different department introduced themselves and they discussed their experiences, and social activities in their tenure at Ishik University. The Welcoming seminar is a good opportunity to gather prospective students, [...]

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Representative Elections


Faculty of Administrative Sciences and Economics organized an election for selecting the Faculty and Class representatives for each departments. Faculty has around 400 students, 80 percent of the students voted on the election. There were three competitors for Faculty representative position namely; Hezha Botan from 4th grade, Omer Shoro from 4th grade, Hedi Mustafa from 4th grade. By the end of the election process the Results were as follows:  Hezha Botan: 72 votes, Omer Shoro: 62 votes and Hedi Mustafa: 124 votes. 7 votes were canceled and 4 votes were blank due to improper casting. Hedi Mustafa won the election with [...]

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Global Entrepreneurship Week Celebrated at Ishik University


Ishik University Faculty of Administrative Sciences and Economics organized a discussion panel on the name of Global Entrepreneurship Week in corporation with US Consulate-Erbil on November 23, 2016 at the Faculty of Dentistry. The aim of the program was to celebrate the global entrepreneurship week and provided platform for entrepreneurs to debate and exchange ideas. Miss Talan Aouny a local business leader and CEO of Erbil Manpower and Vanessa Zuabi Interim Director of TechWadi Silicon Valley USA, NGO that focuses on entrepreneurship were panelists and presented for this panel and Sharyn Fitzgerald Economic and Commercial Affairs Officer U.S. Consulate General Erbil, [...]

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Seminar on the Upcoming American Presidential Elections.


06.11.2016 Mr. Scott Reese from the US Consulate General in Erbil was the guest speaker of the International Relations and Diplomacy (IRD) Department of Ishik University. During the lecture, Mr. Reese made a stimulating presentation on the overall presidential election system in the United States and its lexicon including caucuses, primaries, electoral college, swing states, inauguration and the election calendar. In addition to the the IRD program, students from other departments and faculties showed interest in the event. The presentation was followed by a lively Q & A session during which Mr. Reese responded to a variety of questions about the [...]

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Our Faculty Finalized Supervisor Selection Processes


Our Faculty finalized supervisor selection processes for students, department rquest 4th year students to check the list for your reference. The thesis is starting from this week. Students will communicate with their supervisors and create weekly schedules for the thesis work as guided. Important notes; 1- Students have to start following their thesis handbook about the progress and details what to do. 2- Students have to create their own time table for entire thesis process. See attachment 1, thesis organizer & schedule. 3- Students have to check as Dr. Fatih Cura mentioned in the class, any research paper or thesis from [...]

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