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Registration for Make-up Exams Extended


Dear Students You are directed to register for the Make-up exams that you failed in Fall and Spring (2017-2018) semesters. The Registration for Make-up Exams Extended  starts from 26/June/2018 to 05/July/2018 in Room #420. Students without registration will not be accepted to enter the Make-up Exams. فيرخوازانى بةريز بةمةبةستى ئةنجامدانى تاقيكردنةوةى خولى دووةم بو هةر وانةيةك كة ليى دةرنةجووى، دةبيت بو  هةروانةيك ناوت توماربكةيت لةزوورى زمارة ٤٢٠  لةروزانى 26/6/2018 تاكو 5/7/2018 هةر فيرخوازيك ناوى تومار نةكربيت لةم ماوةيى بوى ديارى كراوة مافى ئةنجامدانى تاقيكردنةوةكانى خولى دووةمى نابيت.

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E-System Workshop


Faculty of Administrative Sciences and Economics organized a workshop on "Overview about CAD & TP and the use of the new E-System related to QAAP." The workshop conducted by Mr Aws Yahya the academic staff of faculty of administrative science and economics. The workshop met its goals and the audience showed interest in the new system and provided some notes and feedback regarding the future improvement of the system.  

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Charity for Give to Get Happiness Kurdistan Free From Poverty


Faculty of Administrative Sciences and Economics with the cooperation of the Deanery of Students and Ministry of Social Responsibility organized a social activity under the name of Charity for Give to getting Happiness Kurdistan Free from Poverty of Erbil. In this Activity, more than 10 Students Participated with three assistants from the Faculty. The students visited the selected houses, which was, sent by Ministry of Social Responsibility and started collecting data about the needs of those families (food, kitchen orange juice and date…) so we organized 15 packages for those 15 families each package are enough to for one month for [...]

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