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National Workshop on “Celebrating Entrepreneurship Day”

Business and Management Department is organizing a National Workshop on Entrepreneurship. the theme of the Workshop is  “The challenges of Entrepreneurial Start-Up“.  The workshop will take place on December 02nd, 2019 (Monday) at 11:00 AM, in Education Building, Conference Room #302. The aim of the workshop is to shed light on the current issues and challenges that Entrepreneurs face to …

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One Subject Additional Examination Schedule Announced for the Academic Years 2018-2019

The departments of Business and Management & Accounting department, Faculty of Administrative Sciences and Economics announced the one subject additional examination schedule for the academic years 2018-2019. The one subject additional exams will take place next week on October 21st and 22nd, 2019, at 10:00 AM. Click here to get the PDF file of One Subject additional Examinations Schedule. Post …

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Students Exchange Program Started for the Academic Years 2019-2020

Students Exchange Program for the Spring Semester (Second Semester) is started for the academic year (2019-2020), To find the available universities visit the IRO news (here). If you are interested in the student exchange program submit your application in the following (LINK) The deadline for submission is the 17th of October. For more info. contact the faculty International relations office, …

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Thesis Evaluation Results Announced, Summer School 2018-2019

Faculty of Administrative Sciences and Economics announced the Graduation Project/Thesis Evaluation Results, Summer School Academic Years 2018-2019. Important Notes: Students who passed with “Accepted with Corrections” they have to fill the form and get clearance signature from the defense committee members to make sure that they have corrected the mistakes that highlighted by the committee members. Students have to make …

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