Department of Tourism and Hospitality Management is a four-year programme. Thus, the department will have the first and the second years to increase general science knowledge of students and the third and the fourth years to advance students’ professional development.

The four-year plan is compatible with the plan of our university and is in line with the rules and regulations of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research under-graduate programmes in Kurdistan.

Striving to nourish young minds that can explore the hospitality industry and can employ their skills in developing the tourism sector with the latest developments all around the world to preserve the Kurdish heritage and culture and supporting the economy.

The well-being of the society adding innovative learning and igniting ideas that can sustain the leading position of the university maintaining the quality research and academic learning with international standards in the Middle East and Iraq/Kurdistan Region.


* To channelize student’s thoughts in shaping the hospitality and tourism sector applying practical learning with national and international exposure.

*To keep striving for excellence in academic learning and development with the application of ongoing research in the industry.

*To develop the environment for the academia-industry interface that can have the hand on experience for students and contribute to the industry.

*To capitalize partnering with society, industry and academia nationwide and internationally.