Cell Biology Models Competition

The cell biology class of 2nd grade biology under the supervision of Dr. Karzan Mohammad have organized a competition on models that represent cells and their contents. On March (?), 2018, each student of the class was asked to prepare a hand craft model of a cell or one of the components. The students showed incredible enthusiasm and desire to participate. The models were shown as an exhibition and activity event in the entrance area of the education faculty. The models included handcrafts, recycled materials and even edible models which students and guests enjoyed eating them at the end.

The models checked one by one by the supervisor and students were happy to present them and describe them to the audience. The feedback from attendees showed great reaction and encouragement as this is a model of project based learning. Biology department through such activities tries to include the project in the student skill development in order to modernize the teaching style and to improve their capacity in critical thinking and creativity.

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