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2nd NPC-2018 conference was held on 31th of March 2018 in education faculty of ishik University. Most of the universities around the World organize professional development programs for last grades students. Most of those significant programs are about workshops, seminars, conferences and courses. As Education Faculty, we decided that we can organize pop-conference for our last grade students on a day like an international conference. The aim of this conference is to have collaboration between university and real community so we are as Faculty of education invited 30m experienced teachers from difference schools in order to share the experiences with our [...]

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Cell Biology Models Competition


The cell biology class of 2nd grade biology under the supervision of Dr. Karzan Mohammad have organized a competition on models that represent cells and their contents. On March (?), 2018, each student of the class was asked to prepare a hand craft model of a cell or one of the components. The students showed incredible enthusiasm and desire to participate. The models were shown as an exhibition and activity event in the entrance area of the education faculty. The models included handcrafts, recycled materials and even edible models which students and guests enjoyed eating them at the end. The models [...]

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History of Fish Health Management


On 4th of march 2018 a seminar presented under the title History of Fish Health by Asst. Prof. Dr. Samir J. Bilal. Fish is a word we may  hear every day and we imagine that is so clear word and has so clear meanings, but what we not know are fishes just like any fish we see in markets or aquariums? No, there are different fish groups, for example, some fishes have lungs and can breathe O2 like man. The presentation aimed to clarify the different groups of fishes (including living groups and Fossils) on our planet, especially fishes are the larger [...]

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Competition Debate of 2018


As a constant part of the students’ activities, motivations and projects, the Faculty of Education in the University of Ishik has hold a series of debates under the name of The Competition Debate of 2018. Starting from the 7th February, the debate was finalized on the 1st March 2018. The competition contained 16 volunteer groups from the departments of ELT, Physics, Biology, and Math. The topics of the debate were  controversial and arguable . They tackled plenty of cultural, intellectual, political, educational and scientific issues, problems, and discussions of the Kurdish community specifically and the globe generally. Within such an activity, the students [...]

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Visit Your Future


Ishik University has organized a new program for the 12-year high schools inside Erbil city. All of the high schools were invited to attend the event which was arranged for the first time under the title of “Visit Your Future’. This event took place on February 20-22, 2018 inside the campus of Ishik University. All of the departments prepared their own stand to introduce and show the project of their student’s department. Each student was registered and received stationary of Ishik as a small gift. A couple of Seminars were presented each day for all students.About 850 students visited Ishik University [...]

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