Visit Your Future

Ishik University has organized a new program for the 12-year high schools inside Erbil city. All of

the high schools were invited to attend the event which was arranged for the first time under the title of “Visit Your Future’.

This event took place on February 20-22, 2018 inside the campus of Ishik University. All of the departments prepared their own stand to introduce and show the project of their student’s department. Each student was registered and received

stationary of Ishik as a small gift. A couple of Seminars were presented each day for all students.About 850 students

visited Ishik University during this 3 days. At the end of the program, 4 names were drawn between the registered

students. The gifts were 1 laptop, 2 Asus pads, and 1 mobile phone. The gifts were presented by the dean of students

and the presidency of Ishik University.   We hope every success to the students in their exams and a special thanks to the director of the schools which were working and endeavoring for the future of their students.

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