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General Exam Rules


Dear Students, Kindly Pay Attention to The Following: 1- Arrive at the exam hall at least 10 minutes before the start of the examination. 2- Bring your ID card every day and put it on the desk. 3- Bring your own pens (blue or black), pencil (for answering), easer, pencil sharpener and calculator or any other relevant exam materials. 4- It is strictly forbidden to exchange any exam material between each two students. 5- It is strictly forbidden to say any word loudly, even whispering relevant or irrelevant to exam topic (students must remain silent as soon as they enter the [...]

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Ramadan 2019, Iftar Banquet.


On 23th of May, 2019, Deanery of students at Tishk International University (TIU) held a Ramadan Iftar Banquet for both Petroleum & Mining Engineering and Surveying & Geomatics Engineering Department's academic staff and students at Abu Shahab Restaurant in Erbil. This initiative action explains one of the beautiful Ramadan meanings of gathering people to share happy moments together.

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Spring Semester Final Exam Schedule for The Second Grade!


Dear Second Grade Students, Kindly find in below the Spring Semester Final Exam Schedule. Pay attention to the exam hall and time. Hope You The Best. Click Here to Download Final Exam. Schedule- Spring Semester 2nd grade Click Here To Read General Exam Guidelines

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General Examination Guidelines for Students


Article 1-It is the student’s responsibility to follow the exam date, time and location. The examination timetable will be announced on the faculty and department web page. Students should ensure that they arrive at the exam hall at least 10 minutes before the start of the examination. Article 2-Every student must join the exam on specified scheduled time. In case of emergency or extraordinary situation; they should take permission from the Faculty Exam Committee to enter the hall quietly within a maximum 10 minutes of the start of the exam. (subject to authority).  No additional time will be allowed for students [...]

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NICE 2019


Tishk International University held the 5th National Innovations Competition in Engineering (NICE2019) on May 05, 2019, under the theme of “Targeting Smart Sustainable Innovations.” Dr. Idris Hadi Salih, Head of Board of Trustees and President of Tishk International University, Deans, and Heads of Departments of the universities that participated honored the Hosts with their presence. NICE (National Innovations Competition in Engineering) is a groundbreaking Engineering competition open to higher education students in Kurdistan Region. Project competition was held in seven different categories: Computer Science and Engineering, Civil Engineering, Surveying and Geomatics, Interior Design Engineering, Architecture Engineering, Petroleum and Mining Engineering, and Mechatronic Engineering. The [...]

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