Who to Contact

Academic advising is shared between the Petroleum & Mining Engineering Departmental Advisors and the Related unit in the university.

You should contact a Petroleum & Mining Engineering Departmental Advisor for questions regarding the following:

  • Program Requirements
  • Pre-requisites for PAM Engineering Courses
  • Selection of Technical Electives
  • General information about the discipline
  • Internship program
  • Registration issues in PAM Engineering courses
  • Selection of title for graduation projects
  • Exchange programs and credit equivalencies
  • Orientation program
  • Transfer credit from other institutions and equivalent courses at Ishik University
  • General Information about Students Information Module (SIS)
  • General Information about ECTS and Credit System
  • General information about GPA and SPA


[toggle title=” First Grade academic adviser and his/her Assistant” state=”close”]

Academic Adviser : Dr. Srood Farooq

Assistant: Huner Mahdi Salih

Assistant: Shayda Mustafa