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Oil Field Trip to (Taq Taq Operation Comany


On Wednesday 4/12/2019, we performed a scientific trip for the (third stage students, total 27 students) to the (Oil Field in Taq Taq TTOPCO). The staff there welcomed us so warmly. In the beginning, the foundations of safety in a clear and the right way were explained, explaining all the points related to the topic and securing the collection of supplies in terms of (Clothes, Helmets, and Scenes) needed in the field for us. Then we visited one of the fields with rig supervisor Explain all the drilling procedures for students starting from the formation of the earth. He explained that [...]

Oil Field Trip to (Taq Taq Operation Comany2020-01-27T12:19:07+00:00

Summer School Schedule


Announcement   Dear students:  for summer school students who have makeup exams: Please know that instead of makeup examinations for the courses you are attending now you will have final examination at the same time as in the makeup examination.  This is to inform you that four summer courses are opened in our department for the present academic year 2018-2019. These courses are: PTR-215       Structural Geology (3 credits) PTR-219        Circuit & Electronics (3 credits) PTR-224        Petroleum Fluid Properties (3 credits) PTR-317        Mechanics of Material (3 credits) The courses start on 18 August and ends on 19 September, according to the attach [...]

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Summer Term (School) Rules and Summer Term (Make-up examination) Rules for 2018-2019 Academic Year


  Tishk International University Summer Term (School) Rules 2018-2019 Academic Year Information to Students Dear students, With regard to the decision taken by the University council, summer term course rules have been newly designed because in this summer term students are given make-up examinations. Along with the below mentioned rules, new rules have been provided in the ‘student handbook, 2018, Chapter 7’. Please read the newly designed rules diligently. Aim of Summer Term: a) Students have the opportunity to take upper year courses, so that they have a chance to graduate earlier. b) Students have the opportunity to increase their grades, [...]

Summer Term (School) Rules and Summer Term (Make-up examination) Rules for 2018-2019 Academic Year2019-07-01T12:07:22+00:00

First & Second Grade Student Names Distribution at Room 332 During Examination Period


Dear Students, Kindly find your seats during the final examination period of Spring Semester at Room 332. Hope You The Best   Or Download it as PDF Format. Room 332 -First Grade Room 332 - Second Grade

First & Second Grade Student Names Distribution at Room 332 During Examination Period2019-06-05T09:45:02+00:00

General Exam Rules


Dear Students, Kindly Pay Attention to The Following: 1- Arrive at the exam hall at least 10 minutes before the start of the examination. 2- Bring your ID card every day and put it on the desk. 3- Bring your own pens (blue or black), pencil (for answering), easer, pencil sharpener and calculator or any other relevant exam materials. 4- It is strictly forbidden to exchange any exam material between each two students. 5- It is strictly forbidden to say any word loudly, even whispering relevant or irrelevant to exam topic (students must remain silent as soon as they enter the [...]

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