Mission, Vision & Objective


  • To Provide its students with quality education and training in the field of petroleum engineering
  • Effective teaching, research, and public service, with emphasis on country petroleum resources.
  • to create, preserve, integrate, transfer and apply petroleum and mining engineering knowledge.
  • to produce capable future engineers and to enhance the capabilities of current practitioners.


  • To be a world-class provider of education and research for the oil and gas industry
  • To play a leadership role in providing new technologies in order to increase the petroleum and mining reserves of the country.


Within a few years of study, the Petroleum and Mining Engineering program graduates will be:

  • Capable of applying engineering principles and practices for the safe and efficient exploration, development, production, transportation, and management of petroleum and Mining resources.
  • Able to demonstrate technical competence and necessary soft skills to advance in their future careers and leadership roles.
  • Able to integrate key science and engineering principles to solve daily engineering problems and challenges in a practical environment.
  • Oriented to be able to take responsibility for the direction of important tasks and be able to manage people, fund, materials, and equipment.