Steps of the project:
1- At the beginning of the academic year (2018-2019) a meeting with Dean of students was organized and agreed to start a project
aimed to help autism patients.
2- A month later, Creating a charity team consist of staff and students interested in charity work
3- On 18/12/2018, Visiting Hana Autism Center.
4- Meeting with students to decide how to help the patients
5- On 3rd of April, 2019=Arranging a seminar and Fundraising.
6- Using the collected money to cover the center walls by sponge material to prevent head accidents.
8- giving certificates for project participants.
Aim of the project:
1- Helping Autism patient.
2- Increase people awareness about AUTISM.
3-Encouraging pharmacy students to participate in Charity work.

Total money used in the Project= 2860$ ( 1855000ID collected by students in the Fundraising of Autism Awareness Day+ the rest of the money collected by deanery of pharmacy from staff and pharmacists interested in charity work)

Special Thanks to Hana Autism Center for giving us the opportunity to complete the Charity Project successfully. Please Click the link below to visit Hana Autism Center Facebook Account and find out more about what we did.

To watch the videos of visiting Hana Autism Center and the Autism Awareness Day, Please click the links below: